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Re-Markable Paint is an excellent way to quickly and effectively change field markings. The paint is environmentally benign and safe for use on natural grass and artificial turf. A truly"remarkable" product.

Frank Rossi, Associate Professor of Horticulture, Cornell University



Professors at Cornell University have developed a paint and paint remover system that allows managers of athletic fields to paint lines on their fields and completely remove the paint at their convenience with a removal solution. Originally contemplated as a solution for natural grass athletic venues that host multiple sports with competing boundaries, this technology is also ideal for managers of artificial fields.

Many sporting venues are coming under space constraints. In the professional and collegiate arena, the ability to get the highest utilization from stadiums by accommodating multiple sports without marring the field's beauty is a challenge. In the non-professional arena, rising interest in field sports and increased participation of women in sports have placed field space at a premium.

Re-Markable Paint is a unique, high quality, removable marking paint that is visually appealing, rainfast, and tolerant to foot traffic. The paint and removing solution are safe chemical protocols that can be used in commercially available spray machines. In addition to being removable, the paint and removal solution will not damage plants or artificial turf.


In addition to allowing field managers to offer many different sporting events on limited field space, Re-Markable Paint also helps field managers maintain the health of their fields.  For the natural grass field manager, Re-Markable Paint eases the process of field rotation.  Research has shown that grass fields maintain their health more successfully when different sports are rotated around the field space.  Re-Markable Paint allows the field manager to determine when and how the fields can be rotated.  For managers of artificial turf, Re-Markable Paint helps maintain the integrity of the field, especially for in-fill systems.  Because Re-Markable Paint system relies on a chemical process for the removal, the in-fill of the field is protected from the scrubbing and pressurized water sprays of other "removal systems."