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Re-Markable Paint is an excellent way to quickly and effectively change field markings. The paint is environmentally benign and safe for use on natural grass and artificial turf. A truly"remarkable" product.

Frank Rossi, Associate Professor of Horticulture, Cornell University



The Re-Markable Paint & Paint Remover System is an extremely flexible field management tool.   The paint and paint remover can be applied with most commercially available field marking machines. There are a wide variety of uses for our paint system; a few applications include:
Boundary Lines:  Remarkable Paint is an ideal tool to mark the boundary lines for any field sport.  With this system, the field markings of different sports will not be in conflict.  For example, soccer matches and football games can be played back to back without conflicting lines.
Infield Baselines:  Managers of baseball fields who spend a lot of time and effort maintaining sharp first and third base lines between games can benefit from the the Re-Markable Paint and Paint Remover System.  With Re-Markble Paint, the old infield lines can be removed in minutes and then a fresh, crisp line can be applied leaving the field manager with more time focus on other matters.
Logos:  Currently, our colored Re-Markable Paints are in their final stages of development.  However, white logos can be applied and removed from the field with ease.  At a minimum this allows field managers to paint their opposing team's mascot and name on the field for every home game.