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Re-Markable Paint is an excellent way to quickly and effectively change field markings. The paint is environmentally benign and safe for use on natural grass and artificial turf. A truly"remarkable" product.

Frank Rossi, Associate Professor of Horticulture, Cornell University



Our patented line of Re-Markable athletic field paints was initially developed by leading turf specialists at Cornell University as a flexible and environmentally safe alternative to traditional paint.  The paint and paint remover system is:

  • Water-based and can be safely applied to grass and all brands of synthetic turf.
  • Applied by any grounds keeping crew in the same way that they apply traditional paint.
  • A patented system which is easy to use and can be applied with standard hand or mechanical field sprayers with no special training or handling procedures.
  • A paint which has visibility and wear characteristics similar to that of traditional paint.

When the time comes to change field markings for another sport, for another team's logo, for a special event, or even for a field advertising sponsor, you can use your existing paint spraying equipment to apply our patented Re-Markable Paint Removal solution. The lines, field markings, or logos painted with our Re-Markable Paint will disappear instantly right before their eyes.